Art. 1
The Accademia Operamelodica di Alessandria, is organizing and organizing the third edition of the International Competition "City of Alexandria" for Piano, Cameristic Formations and Lyrical Singing, with the aim of promoting music culture, especially among young people and encouraging affirmation artistic talent of emerging talent.

Art. 2
The competition will take place from 6-7-8-9 September 2018 at Castello Fa in Bruno di Solero (AL), Via Fa di Bruno 27. The final concert and prize-giving ceremony will take place on the afternoon of September 9, at the Salon of the same castle.

Art. 3
The competition will be divided into the following sections:
Sec. 1- PIANO

Art. 4
In the Chamber Music section no transcripts are allowed.
In the SOLISTS section you can enroll candidates who originally composed songs for any instrument (winds, bows, etc.) and orchestra, with orchestral part transcribed for piano.
The competition provides a solo pianist for the Soloist and Song Contest section, if the competitor has no one. In this case, a supplement for the sez. Soloists of € 20 (for categories A and B), € 30 (for categories C and D), € 35 (for category E) and € 40 for the section of opera singing. It is necessary to submit the scores by November 30 at the mail Payment of this fee will be made directly on the days of the Contest.
Instrument compositions and low continuous are not allowed.

Art. 5
Participation in the Contest is open to all musicians of Italian or foreign nationality. To subscribe to the relevant category, consider the age at the date of the competition.

Art. 6
Sect. 1 (Piano) is subdivided as follows:
Cat. A: up to 12 years old
Cat. B: 13 to 16 years old
Cat. C: 17 to 20 years old
Cat. D: 21 to 35 years old

Art. 7
Sect. 2 (Chamber Music) is subdivided as follows:
Cat. A: 13 to 16 years old
Cat. B: 17 to 20 years old
Cat. C: 21 to 35 years old
The chamber music section is reserved for duo-trio quartet quintets.

Art 8
Sect. 3 (Soloists) is subdivided as follows:
Cat. A: up to 12 years old
Cat. B: 13 to 16 years old
Cat. C: 17 to 20 years old
Cat. D: 21 to 35 years old

Art. 9
Sect. 4 (Canto Lirico) is a unique category: from 18 to 35 years old

Art. 10
The competitors will have to send them by 10 August. Competitors must send the application form according to the attached model, duly completed in each part to the e-mail This application must be accompanied by:
-Identity card;
-Program of selected songs by the candidate.

Art. 11
Competitors must submit themselves to the tests, with a suitable recognition document.

Art. 12
As far as sez. 2 (chamber music), for the choice of category, will be considered the average age of the participants.

Art. 13
The test for the categories of all sections will be unique and no required pieces are required. Competitors may submit one or more songs edited at their own discretion, the maximum duration of the next article. No memory execution is required.
Competitors must submit to the Commission all copies copied in duplicate.

Art. 14
Sec. 1 (Piano)
Cat. A: minutes 10
Cat. B: Minutes 15
Cat. C: minutes 20
Cat. D: 30 minutes

Sec. 2nd: Chamber Music
Cat. A: minutes 15
Cat. B: minutes 20
Cat. C: 30 minutes

Sec. 3 : Soloists
Cat. A: minutes 10
Cat. B: Minutes 15
Cat. C: minutes 20
Cat. D: 30 minutes

Sec. 4th: Lyrical Singing:
Two romances from the lyrical repertoire chosen from the period between '700 and' 900
A romance from the liederistic or oratorial repertoire chosen from the period between '600 and' 900. You will be required to perform two tracks at the discretion of the jury chosen from the three submitted by the candidate.

Art. 15
It is up to the jury to stop executions if they exceed the maximum allowed minute.

Art. 16
Judging commissions will be composed, in agreement with the Presidency of the Association, by renowned musicians, professors of Conservatives and Musical Institutes recognized.

Art. 17
The decisions of the Judging Boards will be final and unenforceable and they will have the right not to award the prizes if the executions do not reach an adequate artistic level.

Art. 18
The order of the candidates will be in alphabetical order.

Art. 19
The members of the selection board will abstain from expressing merit judgment in the case of participation of competitors with whom they have been engaged in educational, private or public relations, or are in kinship relations. In these cases competitors will be evaluated by the remaining jurors.

Art. 20
The competitors' evaluation is expressed in cents. Absolute winners are considered those who will score a score of 99 to 100;
First prize winners will be those who will score 96 to 98;
Second prize winners will be those who will score 91 to 95;
Third prize winners are those who will score from 86 to 90.
The remaining participants will be given the Diploma of Participation.

Art. 21
The results of the tests will be announced at the end of the hearings of each category and four absolute winners will be announced, one for the Piano section, one for the chamber music section (to be understood as the winner of the whole formation), one for the Soloist section and one for the Lyric section. It is an obligation for the absolute winners, subject to the loss of the right to the prize, to perform at the final concert that will take place on September 9 in the afternoon, at Castello Fa by Bruno di Solero (AL). On that occasion, prizes will be awarded to the absolute winners of the Contest. The remaining prizes (first, second, and third) will be delivered at the end of the hearings of each category per section. It is also possible for the category winners or others to choose to perform at one or more concerts organized by the association Mozart Italia at Finale Ligure, in collaboration with the City of Finale Ligure (SV) Operamelodica Academy.

Art. 22
The timetable of the tests will be announced a week before the competition begins at
Further information can be obtained by calling the following telephone numbers

- STEFANO VELLUTI, Operamelodica Academy President, Mozart Italia Association Chairman, Finale Ligure and Artistic Director of the Competition.
Tel +39 329 0347456; Mail:

- ANDREA CARCANO, President of the jury of the piano section
Tel +39 349 5025519; Mail: 

- PAOLO FERRARA, President of jury chamber music section and soloists.
Tel +39 338 2336469  ; Mail:

-SILVANO SANTAGATA, President of the jury section lyrical song
Tel +39 392 3887951; Mail:

The competition will also be visible on:

Art. 23
Participation in the Competition implies, on the part of the candidates, the unconditional acceptance of this Regulation. For all matters not covered by the regulation, reference is made to the discretion of the bailiffs.

Art. 24
Solero is equipped with a railway station. The organization of the competition still provides a minibus N / C / C for the three days of the event, departure from Alessandria Station at 08:00 and arrival at the Castle of Solero at 08:20, in the evening departure from the Castle of Solero at 19:00 and arrival at the Station of Alessandria at 19:20. the price of the service is € 5.00 roundtrip. Please email to by the 20 August 2018 the intention to use this service.

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