The awards will consist of scholarships and prize concerts.

For prizes related to the section of lyrical song, please refer to the page '' LEMO PRIZE TENORE OTTAVIO GARAVENTA ''

The winner of the competition for the piano section will receive a scholarship of:

€ 180 per cat. A
€ 270 per cat. B
€ 360 per cat. C
€ 450 per cat. D

To the absolute winners of the competition chamber of the competition, a scholarship will be awarded, respectively:

€ 280 if cat duo. A
€ 320 if cat duo. B
€ 360 if cat duo. C

€ 420 if cat trio. A
€ 480 if cat trio. B
€ 540 if cat trio. C

€ 560 if cat quartet. A
€ 640 if cat quartet. B
€ 720 if cat quartet. C

€ 700 if cat quintet. A
€ 800 if cat quintet. B
€ 900 if cat quintet. C

The absolute winner of the competition's solo section will be awarded a scholarship of:
€ 180 per cat. A
€ 270 per cat. B
€ 360 per cat. C
€ 450 per cat. D

Absolute winners are considered those who have reported a vote between 99/100 and 100/100. There will be three absolute winners, one per section (for chamber music is meant full training) and no ex-aequo absolute winners are expected. The jury will have the power to not award absolute prizes if the performances do not reach an adequate musical and / or artistic level.

First prize winners are those who have voted from 96 to 98
Second prize winners are those who have voted from 91 to 95
Third prize winners are those who have voted from 86 to 90

The absolute winners of the Competition of each section, in addition to the scholarships and the final concert, will be offered a prize concert in the summer season concert 2019, organized by the A.M.I. Mozart Italia Association at Finale Ligure (SV) at the Auditorium Santa Caterina of Finalborgo, in collaboration with the Operamelodica Academy

The first prize winners of any category and category will be reimbursed for the enrollment fee and will be invited during the 2018 summer season to perform at a concert at Solero Castle and at a concert at the Mozart Italia Association of Finale Ligure in winter season 2017/18.

The second and third prizes will be awarded the Artistic Scale Diploma.

The remaining participants will be given the Diploma of Participation.

In the face of further sponsorships, prizes may be increased by the above.

At the discretion of the jury, promotional concerts may be awarded to competitors who have obtained first or second prizes.

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